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Pre-Sprouted Barley
Essential Food's potency revolves around the inclusion of one key ingredient: Pre-Sprouted Barley. Using a new patented process all the enzyme and nutrient activity in the barley grain is captured just prior to sprouting. This new medium has the potential to generate 400% more energy than conventional barley and contains a host of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes. Essential Food also has added organic B Vitamins, which is unique among drinks of this kind, and allows a vitamin drink which is totally organic. 
剛發芽的有機活性大麥 – 種子發芽時的力量和生命力是最強大的。 運用新的專利科技攫取大麥種子在剛發芽一刻的生化過程所產生的上千種活性酵素酶和所有營養素。 這種新的科技可以產生比傳統大麥多400%的能量和大量的維生素, 磺物質, 氨基酸, 身體所需的脂肪酸, 酶, 纖維素等等。哈利有機活力養生健體素加入有機維他命B群,是全新的營養補充品,完全有機,完全獨創,既是天然食物,也是營養補充品,又可做為維他命有機飲品, 能量補充品

Pre-sprouted Barley has an 11% protein content but, more importantly, the ratio of the eight amino acids within it virtually mirrors that of the human body. This means the body can more effectively assimilate essential protein.
剛發芽的有機活性大麥含有11%的蛋白質, 它含有人體所必需卻不能自己製造的8種氨基酸,


All Key Nutrients 所有關鍵營養成份
With Pre-Sprouted barley as an initial constituent, a selection of organic and natural ingredients were added to create what is, in essence, a super food formula that contains all key nutrients. 
除了初芽大麥外, 還精選一系列有機全天然的原料去製造一個實質上含有所有重要的營養素的超級食物配方的營養補充品。

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