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一直以來, 美容專家及科學家鍥而不捨地尋求能夠減少面部外表皺紋, 改善皮膚彈性, 增加頭髮濃密度及光澤, 強化指甲, 使外表看起來更年青的方法。定期地使用 Harley Health 100% 純膠原可以幫助補充身體膠原含量, 不需要做拉皮手術, 也一樣的減少額頭, 眼角和鼻側的皺紋, 重現一張彈性豐滿, 容光焕發的臉。 同時, 它能促進身體排毒、淨化身體, 從而使人體不斷循環一個完整的再生過程。
Harley Health100%純膠原中含氨基酸的高濃度的氮能提供很高的淨蛋白質使用率, 促進身體消耗卡路里。所以,定期地服用 Harley Health 100% 水解純膠原能減少身體脂肪的堆積, 而身體脂肪的減少就能有效地減肥, 不但減少體重更改造了體型, 同時, 也解决了橙皮脂肪及皮膚脂肪粒等皮膚問題。 

Harley Health100%純膠原對身體的好處遠不止於美容, 它對人體健康有莫大的裨益。 研究顯示, Harley Health100%純膠原能防止骨骼, 關節及軟骨的退化。由於骨膠原是皮膚, 骨骼及軟骨的支撐組織, 所以它能減輕骨質疏鬆症、關節炎等症狀, Harley Health100%純膠原不但增加我們體內的膠原含量,而且還有助於刺激身體自行製造膠原。  

100% COLLAGEN ALL - Natural Capsules

For centuries, scientists and beauty therapists have fought to improve the appearance of the visible effects of ageing upon the human complexion.

Harley Health 100% Collagen capsules are the latest aid in the war to help rejuvenate your skin.

Collagen is already widely known for its regular use by celebrities.  Their treatment, however, is often a surgical procedure involving injections to a particular area such as the lips.

Collagen is capable of so much more when available to the whole body.

With HarleyHealth's capsules, collagen in its purest natural state has been encapsulated in an easy-to-absorb form – so much easier and more comfortable than injections.  The collagen hydrolysate capsule is designed to be absorbed whole in the small intestine, so is not broken down and lost before it has a chance to be of benefit.

That means you can delay the signs of ageing

When taken over a sustained period of time, Harley Health 100% Collagen works to help delay the signs of ageing by replenishing the body's natural collagen stores.  These oral capsules ensure collagen goes where it is needed and can assist most – towards smoother skin, improved skin elasticity, strengthened nails and improved hair gloss. 

A huge success in the UK, Harley Health 100% Collagen capsules are rapidly becoming very popular in many countries worldwide.

That's because Harley Health 100% Collagen not only increases the amount of collagen in our bodies but also helps stimulate the body's natural collagen process - rejuvenating your beauty from within.

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